Hasta luego Madrid

So I’m currently waiting to board my plane. Last night all my friends and I got together for the last in Madrid and went to el Tigre. It was a super bittersweet moment. And when I left with my roommates everyone started tearing up. And then we packed and cleaned the apartment, and before I knew it was 8am and I was saying bye to my roommates. Gonna miss everyone in the program so much!


Finally finished this semester! woooo!

This week seemed like it would never end-as least school work wise. I know it’s still Wednesday, but tomorrow is going to be super busy, ad then Friday morning I’ll be en route to the UK!

Overall I loved this semester. School wise, I loved my classes. And for anyone looking for classes to pick at NYU Madrid in the future: I took a class on the Prado museum in spanish with prof Carmen Ana, who is literally the sweetest woman, and is super passionate about art. I also really loved my Techniques of Translations class, with Prof Perez, she was a totally cool teacher who taught us so much spanish slang and everyday things that made the class super interesting, along with translating super fun scripts like “American Beauty” and “Shrek” I also took Critical Approaches, which is about spanish literature, and it got me really interested in literature in general, and in learning about Spanish speaking countries and their cultures. And can’t forget about my Cultures & Contexts class, I learned a lot in this class, and the prof was someone I’ll never forget, you can tell that he’s super passionate about what he teaches and knows a ton. 

In terms of the people I was with this semester, I can honestly say that there was a strong sense of community here, and I can’t wait to see everyone in NY. I’m gonna miss everyone!

The Last Week.

Today begins finals week and the last week of being in Madrid. Right now I’m stressed about a million different things; finals, packing, cleaning, looking for an apartment, buying christmas presents… oh man. But I guess most of all, I’m trying to spend the most time with my roommates and all my friends who I’ll miss, and enjoy Madrid in general. But part of me wants to get finals over with as well. Especially since I’ll be heading to London to spend the holidays with my cousins! Then I’ll be home at last! Honestly can’t wait to have some nice home cooked meals too. This week I bought my last groceries, which consisted of cheese, bread, salami, juice and eggs. This will be breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the week. Woo! Time to get productive, here we go..

Today in Parque del Retiro. Had some lunch at a Turkish place, and played some soccer in the park. It was the perfect weather, felt like the first day of fall. Times like these I wish I hadn’t spent some of weekends in Madrid in my room doing nothing. Otherwise, just enjoying the last couple days here before we all leave

Took a break from apartment hunting to have churros con chocolate en Cafe Commercial (in my opinion, they’re better than the famous san gines ones)

And then had lunch lunch today at Greek and Shop in Malasaña. Great spot for lunch or after hitting the bars in the area, like Freeway, Maravillas or Tupperware.

Today in Madrid:

I was super productive and I went to look for apartments with my friend in Sol, in preparation for next semester. Went to the Prado museum to look for the two paintings that I’ll be writing about for my Prado essay, and went to La Bicicleta Cafe in Malasaña; a barrio very much like the East Village, to have lunch and get some work done.

I don’t know why I haven’t studied at this cafe before, it’s perfect. The food was delicious, everyone there seemed really cool, and a lot of the people there were international students and were super friendly. It’s the perfect place to go in the day to work on homework, read a good book while sipping some coffee, or going to after dinner for some drinks. Beats Starbucks on the nyu new york campus any day. Surprisingly a lot of other NYU Madrid students were there too. Just an awesome atmosphere.



NYU Junior in Madrid for Fall 2013.